More than just another talented crew, the Brown Bag AllStars represent an attitude. There are those that feel that the face of hip-hop over the years has shifted from one that speaks from the heart, and tells it like it is, and has increasingly become one that brags about outrageous exploits and inflated bank accounts… but the BBAS are proof positive that a need for expression is still the fuel that powers the hip-hop engine. These guys live for this music.

They met up while working at Fat Beats (NYC): the virtual mecca of hip-hop… driven by a desire to live, eat and breathe the culture, they built an association around a common bond to do everything necessary to get their sound out there. This music isn’t about glory – it’s about tireless hard work, enormous passion and the serious skills to back it all up.

The Brown Bag AllStars consist of The Audible Doctor (MC/Producer), J57 (MC/Producer), Soul Khan (MC), Koncept (MC), DeeJay Element (DJ/Producer), E holla (DJ) & DJ Goo (DJ/Producer). Co-signed by DJ Premier, DJ Eclipse, Peter Rosenberg and many more, BBAS is the group to look out for in 2011.

CD1 features production by Audible Doctor, J57, M-Phazes, Marco Polo and more. CD2 features remixes produced by award winning Canadian DMC champion DJ Brace