Switchstance Recordings presents you the second collaboration project for 2012. After the dubbed out Reggae EP “Dub O’ Dup” by Kabanjak & Fat Albert Einstein follows the long awaited team up of Brace & Kabanjak.

These two musicians are no strangers to the international scene, with Kabanjak being an artist on the ESL music roster and Brace being a Canadian DMC Champion and Juno Award winner (Canadian Grammy). Both have collaborated on such successes as Ancient Astronauts’ Classic EP, Into Bass and Time album as well as Kabanjak’s debut album Tree Of Mystery. Through these experiences they felt it was only natural to produce together.

Upon Brace’s first visit to Kabanjak’s hometown Moers, his host suggested to visit the town’s park. Brace never did see the park in Moers, however they worked for three days next to a tree of mystery to produce the beginnings of what would later become Abra Kabra.
Sessions were passed back and forth between them, each time surprising one another with added tracks which included newly recorded instrumentation and sequencing with every session exchange. Though this project was recorded on two different continents, it sounds like both were working in the same studio at the same time.

Besides the rich live instrumentation by Brace and Kabanjak, artists from around the world were asked to join in and play a role. These performers include the likes of Hugo Kant (France), T.J Blair (Winnipeg, Canada) and Guillaume Fouquette (Montreal).
The 5-track EP is a journey into mystery and magic, where the two collaborators invite you to allow your mind to go where the music guides you. The record will be released on November 23rd 2012 on Switchstance Recordings.