Canadian DMC champion, DJ Brace presents an instrumental hip-hop album built from a crate filled with familiar sounds and things you’ve never heard. In the mysterious Electric Nosehair Orchestra, each nosehair is distinctively titled (NH1-NH14) to correspond with visual artwork, guiding the listener through the Nostomanian experience.

* nostomania, [nos-tuh-mey-nee-uh] -noun
* i: an irresistible compulsion to return home.
* ii: another dimension where the orchestra resides.

Once you begin to experience Nostomania you will rediscover where your home is and will have a clear picture to always bring you back; as a Nostomanian, the compulsion to return becomes irresistible. The Electric Nosehair Orchestra In Nostomania captures fleeting moments in time, but remains timeless.

JUNO Award winner for Instrumental Album of the Year 2009