DJ Brace Presents:
The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Synesthasia

Synesthasia is the second album from Brace’s Electric Nosehair Orchestra Project.

Part of the concept for Nostomania was the idea that sound can pull up long neglected memories. Synesthasia is something like a crossed wire in the brain where one sense connects with another; a color might have a certain smell, or maybe you can taste a sound. Once again visual artists were asked to provide images inspired by the songs on the record, but this time around don’t think about the places you’ve been.

Synesthasia opens with something that sounds like a mothership landing at some distant port of call. That’s the first clue that you’ve arrived in a strange land. Suddenly an unknown voice gives you the instruction to relax, and it’s time to let the music take control of your senses and guide you on your journey.

While there are some familiar elements from the last time around, it’s no longer what you’ve heard, seen, tasted or smelled before. So don’t be afraid to forge some new connections, and be sure to take a mental snapshot of whatever you might find.